Friday, April 03, 2015

Open Letter to Reclaim Environmentalism

Derrick Jensen and Lierre Keith wrote a powerful letter challenging modern mainstream environmentalism, pointing out that it has wandered down a dead-end trail of trying to preserve our industrial comforts and way of life rather than trying to preserve the natural world. Environmentalism has been so co-opted that members of the "conservation-industrial complex" advocate for nuclear power in its name, with straight faces.

Jensen and Keith decry the insanity of prioritizing the needs of our murderous culture over the needs of the earth which actually sustains us. If you agree with their conclusion, please read their full Open Letter to Reclaim Environmentalism and join nearly 1,000 others as a signatory:

Environmentalism is not about insulating this culture from the effects of its world-destroying activities. Nor is it about trying to perpetuate these world-destroying activities. We are reclaiming environmentalism to mean protecting the natural world from this culture.

And more importantly, we are reclaiming this earth that is our only home, reclaiming it from this extractive culture. We love this earth, and we will defend our beloved.

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TheInvisibleCat said...

Read, signed...thank you for being there when I needed it most