Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Needs & Wants for our Land & Tribe

Theressa and I came up with a list of our needs and wants for our future vision. The Needs list states the things we think we require in our physical set up and in our social tribe. We'd prefer to also have the items in our Wants list, but feel much more flexible about those.


Solid water supply

Enough land to, in theory, feed at least everyone we start with / 10 people via horticulture.

No debt

10 years of taxes, hunting/fishing licenses, and other living expenses set aside

Community members into hunting/gathering - enough for a viable group

Not super hot, or some way to escape the heat.

Feel connected to our tribe -- people not spending too much time not in community (20 hour/week max?)

All tribe members committed to disconnecting from civilization

Wide age range - children to elders

All tribe members committed to practicing Nonviolent Communication-type communication, conflict-resolution.

Income-sharing and wealth-sharing.

Safey for our lifestyle, including hunting & gathering.

Available land for hunting & gathering.

Sufficient ability to heat ourselves.

Out of reach of city - 100 miles from large cities? 50 miles from smaller cities?

Tribe committed to improving land (our own & surrounding land).

Fredom of living within constraints of other needs.

Tribe members committed to healing from civilization.

Tribe members to give more to our community than they take.

All tribe members reasonably well-versed in all survival skills

Easiest climate possible for growing food & living

Communal living - shared shelters & infrastructure.

Tribe committed to raising children tribally - Continuum Concept ideas

As little contact with civilization as possible

Adjacent to national (or other public?) forest

As much acreage as possible

Healthy ecosystem for hunting & gathering

Encourage & inspire neighbors / nearby community(s) to disconnect from civilization

Encourage like-minded people to settle nearby

Tribe members to be able to grow/gather food in their preferred ways

Tribe members to be able to live in their preferred ways

Some sort of commitment from and to tribe members - for example, buy-in & guarantee of tribal membership?

Starting tribe with 6+ contributing adult tribal members / 3-5 family groups