Wednesday, February 25, 2015

PIELC 2015 in Eugene, March 5-8

This year's Public Environmental Interest Law Conference is coming up soon: Thursday March 5th through Sunday March 8th, in Eugene OR. Several Deep Green Resistance members will be presenting, so join them if you can, for this free and informative long weekend!

Keynote speakers include Kathleen Deane Moore, Amy Goodman, Gary Nabhan, and others. The theme for this conference is "Changing Currents":

“Changing Currents” expresses an awareness that the physical currents of our planet are shifting and that we must alter our human patterns to adapt for a better future. Actions of the past set in motion the drastic changes we are experiencing today. At the same time our actions today will deeply affect our world’s future. The currents that drive our climate system are changing and causing unprecedented changes to human and biotic communities across the globe. But, armed with an awareness of these changes, we can mobilize the social currency needed to change currents and set humanity on the path to resiliency. This year’s conference will provide an opportunity to challenge each other and discuss solutions and strategies for how we may move forward in confronting the world of today with an eye towards tomorrow’s reality.

For more information or to register for free, visit the PIELC website.