Sunday, December 15, 2013

Photo album: Going Garden, June 2013

I created an album of photos taken by Jasmine van den Heuvel in June 2013, of my old forest garden in Portland. The new owners have changed a few things around in their first year and a quarter:
  • Replaced half to two-thirds of the zone 1 perennial beds with annual beds
  • Removed the double row of failing raspberries near the house and mostly left it open (at least for now?) as a big path
  • Ironically, after we removed the herb spiral which didn't work very well and dug a catchment pond, the new owners filled in the pond and made a little herb spiral in its place
  • Replaced the dead olive in zone 2 and its perennial understory with annuals
  • Replaced a large swath of the former driveway, including a sickly or dead pawpaw circle, with a strawberry mound
  • Planted some new trees: figs on west side of house, pawpaw in back yard
  • Removed the backyard chicken paddock fences
  • Replaced the wood shed in the backyard with a second chicken coop (or run?) next to our original coop

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