Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Resolution

I didn't make an official New Year's Resolution, but the changes I started in my life a few weeks ago could count! I don't know whether writing this up will have any value for anyone besides me, but I don't have the energy to tackle anything else tonight so this will have to do.

Diet: Getting back towards the Paleodiet, especially cutting out wheat and sugar. I know I have had a sugar addiction for the past 10+ years, and I feel pretty suspicious that eating wheat messes up my body, so I've detoxed from wheat & sugar. I felt miserable for the first week, then OK for the second week, then a little more energetic for the third week. Two nights ago I ate a lot of corn and felt somewhat miserable yesterday, so now I wonder whether I should just take the plunge and commit to a fully grain-free diet. Or maybe I just ate too many carbs at once and that adequately explains feeling crappy yesterday, or maybe...

Schedule: I want to kick the internet addiction as well, and direct my time and energy into more useful pursuits. About a week ago I decided to reimplement the idea of a schedule I stick to as best I can each day. (I tried that earlier this year but didn't stay with the idea for long.) Basic schedule:

  • Wake up
  • Eat
  • Go to my sit spot, figuring about half an hour travel time and one hour sitting/exploring time.
  • Come home and work on projects until:
  • Eat
  • Work on more projects until:
  • Eat
  • Finish eating by 6:30 to do the following in roughly this order:
  • Write something for the blog, 1/2 hour
  • General internet email & waste-of-timing, 1 hour
  • Research naturalist stuff (read Arthur Bent's life histories of birds I see, look up pictures of different birds or mammals to try to identify unknows or answer questions that came up at the sit spot), etc, 1 hour
  • Process food (crack nuts, extract acorns, peel wapato, etc), 1/2 hour
  • Get in bed by 9:30, maybe read a little longer especially if I don't feel tired yet.

It hasn't worked out quite so cleanly so far, but I have actually made it to my sit spot every day (before I only went every other day or maybe two days out of three), I have gone to bed earlier and awoken earlier, and I think it has helped me cut down a little on computer time. And I have posted more to the blog the past few days!


ering said...

As someone with a part time job and a mess o'kids - your schedule sounds heavenly. I am glad I don't need too much quiet time because in my chaotic household, I wouldn't get much. I do love your idea for finding a sit spot. Thanks for posting...I do read your blog when I can.

ering said...

btw...have you seen this website? you might find it interesting: