Thursday, December 27, 2007

Seeking seeds!

I've spent the past week organizing my seed orders for this coming year. Before I place the orders, I thought I'd see whether anyone out there has reliable seeds (or even better yet for folks around Portland Oregon, plant divisions!) I could trade for. Most of the seeds I order will probably come in packets with more seeds than what I need, so I could trade those, or trade some of the plants we have around the yard, or the extra plants listed at my Discount Permaculture website. If you have extras of any of the following and want to trade, please email me at

Abelmoschus manihot Edible hibiscus
Acorus calamus Calamus
Acorus calamus americanus Calamus
Adenophora liliifolia Ladybells
Adenophora liliifolia Ladybells
Adenophora pereskiifolia Ladybells
Adenophora pereskiifolia uryuensis Ladybells
Allium canadense American wild garlic
Allium carinatum Keeled garlic
Allium fistulosum Scallion / welsh onion
Allium pendulinum
Allium perutile Everlasting onions
Allium sativum ‘ophioscorodon’ Rocambole
Allium senescens Ballhead onion / German garlic
Allium suaveolens
Allium ursinum Ramsons / Wild Garlic
Amphicarpaea bracteata Hog peanut
Anredera BASSELLOIDES Madeira vine???
Anredera cordifolia Madeira vine
Anthriscus sylvestris Cow parsley
Apios americana Groundnut
Apios fortunei Fortune's groundnut
Apios priceana Price's groundnut
Aralia cordata Udo
Aralia racemosa American spikenard
Asclepias speciosa Milkweeds
Asclepias syriaca Common milkweed
Asclepias tuberosa Pleurrisy root / butterfly weed
Asphodeline lutea Yellow asphodel
Astragalus pictus-filifolius Painted milkvetch
Atriplex canescens Saltbush
Atriplex halimus Saltbush
Atriplex sp Fat hen
Balsamorhiza deltoidea Deltoid Balsamroot
Balsamorhiza sagittata Balsamroot sunflower / Oregon sunflower
Beta vulgaris maritima Sea beet
Brassica oleracea alboglabra Gai Lon / Chinese Broccoli
Brassica oleracea alboglabra Gai Lon / Chinese Broccoli
Brassica oleracea ramosa Branching bush / perpetual kale
Brassica oleracea var. acephala Western Front Perennial kale
Brassica oleracea var. acephala Tree collards / Walking stick kale
Brassica oleracea var. botrytis Nine Star Perennial Broccoli
Brodiaea coronaria coronaria California hyacinth
Brodiaea sp.
Bunium bulbocastanum Earth chestnut
Callirhoe involucrata Purple poppy-mallow
Campanula portenschlagiana Dalmation bellflower
Campanula rapunculus Rampion
Campanula sp. Bluebells
Campanula versicolor
Canna edulis Achira / Canna
Canna indica Canna lily
Capsella bursa-pastoris Shepherd’s purse
Cardamine hirsuta Hairy bittercress
Ceanothus prostratus Mahala mat
Cephalotaxus fortunei
Cephalotaxus harringtonia drupacea
Cephalotaxus sinensis
Ceratophyllum demersum Coontail
Chaerophyllum bulbosum Bulbous-rooted chervil
Chenopodium hybridum Maple-leaved goosefoot
Chrysoplenium americanum Golden saxifrage
Chrysoplenium oppositifolium Golden saxifrage
Claytonia cordifolia
Claytonia lanceolata
Claytonia megarhiza
Claytonia megarhiza nivalis
Claytonia rosea
Claytonia virginica
Cnidoscolus chayamansa Chaya
Coccinia grandis 'Sterile Perennial' cucumber
Colocasia sp Taros
Conopodium majus Pignut
Cryptotaenia japonica Mitsuba
Cymopterus montanus Mountain spring parsley
Desmanthus illinoensis Prairie mimosa
Desmodium dunnii
Desmodium oldhami
Desmodium oxyphyllum
Dichelostemma capitatum Bluedicks
Dichelostemma congestum Bluedicks
Dichelostemma multiflorum Bluedicks
Dichelostemma pulchellum Bluedicks
Dichelostemma volubile Bluedicks
Dioscorea bulbifera Air potato
Dioscorea japonica Jinenjo yam
Erythronium californicum
Erythronium grandiflorum Glacier lily
Erythronium montanum Avalanche lily
Erythronium oregonum
Fagopyrum dibotrys Perennial buckwheat
Fritillaria affinis Chocolate lily
Fritillaria camschatcensis Kamchatka lily
Fritillaria pudica Yellow fritillary
Gaultheria hispidula Creeping snowberry
Gaultheria procumbens Wintergreen
Glycyrrhiza glabra Licorice
Glycyrrhiza lepidota American licorice
Heracleum sphondylium Hogweed / Cow parsnip
Hibiscus acetosella Cranberry hibiscus
Ipomoea aquatica Water spinach
Ipomoea batatas Sweet potato 'Beauregard'
Ipomoea batatas Sweet potato 'Beauregard'
Ipomoea leptophylla Bush morning glory
Ipomoea pandurata Wild potato vine
Lactuca perennis Perennial lettuce
Laportea canadensis Wood nettle
Lathyrus linifolius montanus Bitter vetch
Lepidium peruvianum Maca
Lilium columbianum Columbia tiger lily
Lilium sp. Lilies
Lilium superbum
Linum perenne Perennial flax
Linum perenne lewisii Perennial flax
Linum usitassimum ‘Omega’ Omega flax
Linum usitassimum ‘Omega’ Omega flax
Lomatium cous Biscuitroot
Lomatium dissecta multifidum Fernleaf biscuitroot
Lomatium macrocarpum Bigseed biscuitroot
Lomatium nudicaule Pestle parsnip
Lomatium utriculatum Common lomatium
Lupinus perennis Sundial lupine
Malva moschata Musk Mallow
Medeola virginiana Indian cucumber root
Megacarpaea gigantea
Megacarpaea megalocarpa
Microseris lactiniata (M. procera) Yam daisy
Mitchella repens Partridgeberry
Moringa oleifera Moringa
Moringa stenopetala Moringa
Nelumbo lutea American Water lotus
Nelumbo nucifera Sacred Water lotus
Neptunia oleracea Water mimosa
Oenanthe javanica Water celery
Oenanthe sarmentosa Water dropwort
Orogenia linearifolia Indian potato
Osmorhiza chilensis
Osmorhiza claytonii Woolly Sweet-cicely
Osmorhiza longistylis Anise root
Osmorhiza occidentalis Western sweet-cicely
Oxalis acetosella Wood sorrel
Oxalis deppei Iron cross plant
Oxalis violacea Wood sorrel
Oxyria digyna Mountain sorrel
Peltaria alliacea Garlic cress
Peltaria turkmenia
Perideridia gairdneri Yampah
Perideridia oregana Squaw potato
Perideridia spYampahs
Petasites frigidus Coltsfoot
Petasites japonicus Fuki
Phaseolus coccineus Scarlet runner beans
Phaseolus lunatus 7 Year Lima Bean
Phaseolus polyanthus Cache bean / Botil
Phaseolus polystachios Wild bean
Physalis heterophylla Perennial groundcherry
Pimpinella saxifraga Burnet saxifrage
Plantago coronopus Buck’s-horn plantain
Plantago maritima Sea plantain
Plectranthus esculentus Livingstone potato
Plectranthus rotundifolius Sudan potato
Podophyllum hexandrum Himalayan Mayapple
Podophyllum peltatum Mayapple
Polygonum Bistorta Bistorta
Potentilla anserina Silverweed
Potentilla pacifica Pacific silverweed
Psophocarpus tetragonobolus Winged bean
Reichardia picroides French scorzonera
Rumex acetosella Sheep sorrel
Rumex alpinus Monk’s Rhubarb / Alpine dock
Rumex patientia Herb patience
Rumex scutatus Buckler-leaved sorrel
Schizandra chinensis
Schizandra sp.
Sium sisarum Skirret with non-woody core
Sium suave Water parsnip
Smallianthus sonchifolia Yacon
Smilacena racemosa False Spikenard
Smilacena stellata Star-flowered lily of the valley
Smyrnium olusatrum Alexanders
Stachys affinis Chinese artichoke
Stachys floridanum
Stachys hyssopifolia
Stachys palustris Marsh woundwort
Stellaria jamesiana
Streptopus amplexifolius Wild cucumber
Streptopus lanceolatus curvipes
Streptopus roseus Rosybells
Stuckenia pectinatus Sago pondweed
Tilia americana Linden / basswood
Tilia cordata Linden / basswood
Toona sinensis Fragrant spring tree
Toona sinensis 'Flamingo' Fragrant spring tree, maybe variety chosen for food?
Trapa natans Water chestnut
Triteleia grandiflora Wild hyacinth
Triteleia laxa Grassnut
Triteleia peduncularis Longray tripletlily
Tropaeolum tuberosum Mashua 'Ken Aslet'
Ullucus tuberosus Ulluco
Valerianella locusta Corn salad / Lamb’s lettuce
Xanthosoma atrovirens Tanniers
Xanthosoma maffafa aurea Tanniers
Xanthosoma robustum Tanniers
Xanthosoma sagittifolium Tanniers


Anonymous said...

That is a huge number of plant varieties! I can't wait to see the photos of your garden.
Are you also going to grow more "traditional" food crops like tomatoes ? Are all these varieties what you want to eat or is this more for research?

I can send you some butterfly weed seeds (A tuberose). I also have a ton of canna bulbs- some I dug up and some in the ground. I will talk to me wife about wether she really wants to replant them- I don't like them much, I think she wants to keep them.

Contact me at waehner -at-

FarmerScrub said...

Hi waehner,

We want to grow all the plants on the list I posted in part so that we can eat them in the short term, in part so that we can gain experience with them (especially the natives we may wind up harvesting from wild patches in the future), in part so that we can research their value integrated into forest garden systems, and in part so that we can propagate and spread them around to others or use them to rewild degraded natural spaces with food-bearing plants.

We will also grow some standard annual vegetables this coming year...we want to shift away from annuals as much as possible and replace them with perennials and self-seeding annuals/biennials, but we may not find acceptable substitutes for all the annuals! I think we have enough perennial greens planned that we won't need to bother with annual greens anymore, and I feel excited about all the perennial root crops we'll be trying out which could allow us to mostly or entirely phase out the carrots, beets, turnips, parsnips, radishes, etc (unless we can get self-seeding patches of some of those; Samuel Thayer includes wild parsnips in his book The Forager's Harvest.)

I expect we'll still grow some tomatoes and squashes, though maybe we can get them to become self-seeding patches themselves). Maybe we'll grow some spices like cumin, stevia for sweetener, etc...

I'll email you directly about your kind offer of canna bulbs & Asclepias seeds, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I found this page by searching for a source for hog peanut seeds. I'm interested in planting my zone 5, northeast, wet shady area behind my house with native edible plants, so I'm compiling a little list, but having trouble finding sources for seeds or plants. What a big list you have! Where do you find these things? How is your project going?
I have some scarlet runner bean seeds I could share with you, but they're old so I don't know if they're still alive. There are also some ramps in the woods near me, so I could gather seeds of those fresh this year and send them to you if you want to trade.
mijwiz at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi Norris,

I see you planned to buy:

Peltaria alliacea - Garlic cress
Cardamine hirsuta - Hairy bittercress
Oxyria digyna - Mountain sorrel

How do it go?

And could you let me know a source for the seeds? (I'm in Denmark.)

For what it's worth, my favourites are red mustard, saisai, sorrel and 'beauty heart' radish.


Unknown said...


Writing from the beautiful Island of Kauai, Hawaii and stumbled upon your site searching for the livingstone potato. I have not been unable to source the tuber locally and haven't had much luck online. I was wondering where you aquired such an amazing plant. Given that the island of Kauai imports about 93% off all consumed goods, it makes sense to create some local food infrastructure and the livingstone potato could be one of the foundations. You never know when the boats might stop coming. I would be happy to track down some tropical seeds if you're interested in a trade. Much Mahalo,